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[AR12] For Lovers/2009-09-21 13:13
[AR12] For Lovers/.DS_Store2009-09-21 13:096148
[AR12] For Lovers/01 These Arms Of Mine (Redding).mp32009-09-21 11:358290110
[AR12] For Lovers/02 Spanish Harlem (Leiber, Spector).mp32009-09-20 09:5615514711
[AR12] For Lovers/For Lovers - Massimo Magee.rtf2009-09-21 13:02565
[AR12] For Lovers/For Lovers Cover.bmp2009-09-21 13:13385334
__MACOSX/2009-09-21 13:14
__MACOSX/[AR12] For Lovers/2009-09-21 13:14
__MACOSX/[AR12] For Lovers/._.DS_Store2009-09-21 13:0982
__MACOSX/[AR12] For Lovers/._For Lovers - Massimo Magee.rtf2009-09-21 13:0282